The Blagaj Dervish Mawlid

The Blagaj Dervish Mawlid

Muslim pilgrimage sites were built upon medieval traditions of the bogomil prayers and muslim doowa (supplication). They are specific sites for men, women, adults and the young to gather in the spring and pray to the Allmighty God for welfare on this world and the next. That kind of tradition set the foundation for a traditional dervish mawlid (celebration of the birth of the prophet Mohammad s.a.v.s.) at the source of the river Buna in the Blagaj Tekija.

The pilgrimage site in Blagaj brings together the old tradition of gathering next to river sources, mountaing ranges, graves of piuous people, specific natural environments and important historical events in these areas. The pilgrimage site at source of the river Buna represents one of the strongest links muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina have with their history and the people who left and impotent mark on it.

The Blagaj pilgrimage site, with its annual mawlid gathering is, according to the calendar of the Islamic Community, the second in significance after the Ajvatovica (pilgrimage site and religious event). The date of the mawlid is traditionally set as the second Saturday in May.

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