Our guests of the Blagaj tekke

“While we did not make it inside the house. The setting and the restaurant across this place is great for phenomenal views and taking a few moments of peace. A must visit for anyone heading to Mostar.”

preetik123 via TripAdvisor

“We took a detour from our trip from Mostar to Dubrovnik, and did not regret it. Beautiful dervish monastery near powerful spring. Refreshing stop during hot summer days.”

Alice M via TripAdvisor

“This place is realy peaceful. Do not miss the chance to visited if you where in mostar. Have your meal thier or just have your cofee. And don not forget to ask for fresh water from the river.”

Saad A via TripAdvisor

“My first visit and I was taken by such beautiful nature that surrounds Tekija. Water falls, restaurants located on river banks with fresh fish and grilled meats. Little shops and friendly people, everyone is nice and helpful.”

Zema K via TripAdvisor

Our services

Daily prayers

The Tekke chambers provided the space for the adoration daily prayers.

The Dervish Dhikr

If you wish to attend or perform group dhikr please contact us in advance.


To our guests we can ensure of a professional guide through the complex Tekke.


In the Tekke restaurant you can to try traditional dishes.

What is Islam, Tariqa and the Tekija?

The word Islam is an Arabic word which means peaceful, dedicated and willing submission to the will and way of God. So Islam is a complete way of life based upon a voluntary relationship between an individual and his Creator. It is the way of life ordained by God which was taught by each of His prophets and messengers such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and finally Muhammad s.a.v.s. Islam emphasizes the exclusive worship of the one God who created the entire universe and to whom all creations will eventually return.

The word Tariqa is an Arabic word which means path, road. Within the circles of muslim mysticism it acquired two meanings. In the 9th century it was the method of moral psychology used to practically intoroduce a person into mystical feelings. Later it became a baseline for a system of sermons and ceremonies intended for a spiritual upraisal within different mystical (dervish) orders.

The members of the Tariqah get ready for a state of spiritual concentration needed for serene solitude, through which people try to experience reality with their own heart. Tariqat is a life based on a set of specific rules, aside from the standard rules of Islam. The location and facilities used for dervish gatherings within a Tariqat (order) were named Tekija. The teaching which developed in the Tariqats was named Sufism. It is based on two beliefs: devoted performance of religious rites (cermons) which result in a spiritual mercy of an extrasensory reality and the „knowledge of the heart“ which results in wisdom of the soul based on experience. The Sufis believe that the „knowledge of the heart“ marks the path to God.

There are tenths Tariqah orders around the muslim world. That number was reduced in Bosnia and Herzegovina to only a few usual ones. The Blagaj Tekija was the gathering location for the following dervish orders: the Bektashi, Khalwati, Mevlevi, Qadiri, Naqshbandi.

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