When it refferes to the spirit, DHIKR means “remembering”, and when it refferes to a linguistic meaning, it means “to mention”. As a religious expression it means “glorifying Allah by using standardized repetitive phrases, usually chanted out loud, but not neccessarily, accompanied by a specific breating rythm and physical movements.

The tradition is based on the 33rd surah, verse 41 from the Qur’an: „O believers! Remember Allah much“. There is also a traditional saying from the time of Mohammah s.a.v.s. which states: „There is no company which mentions and praises Allah and is not surrounded by angels and covered by God’s grace. And the glorious Allah remembers them, as well as those who are with them…“

Dhikr is consisted of multiple repetitive phrases such as:

  • La ilahe illallah, (There is no God except Allah),
  • Subhanallah, (Praise Allah),
  • Al-hamdulullah, (May all thanks be to Allah),
  • Bismillah (In the name of God/Allah),
  • Lillah, (Everything belongs to Allah),
  • Allahu ekber, (Allah is above all),
  • Estagfirullah, (I seek forgivness from Allah),
  • as well as some of 99 Allah’s names.

Spiritual chants can be considered a ritual. All dervishes must attend regular gatherings (halka) according to the set tariqah schedule. Aside from the set phrases, the derivshes also repeat extended parts from the Holy Qur’an.

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